Coronavirus: Nature’s Reasonable But Painful Response to Human Thoughts and Deeds

By Amir Dabirimehr

Aside from worries about the fast spread of the novel coronavirus, having affected the life of more than 80 countries including Iran, one question continues to boggle the mind: What’s up?

Is it limited to an ordinary disease? Is it the long-feared Apocalypse? Are we trapped in a loop of disasters and calamities? Are worse calamities and threats like a meteorite striking the Earth awaiting us?

Social media has been replete in recent days with such content as users resort to cyberspace to express their fear. Failing to find any clear answer, they choose to joke about it for entertainment. However, the question remains significant and serious although no answer is found.

How come despite so much progress in science and technology, genetics and medicine, humans are failing to tackle the emerging COVID-19 which is racing ahead and killing people from across the globe?

When this article was being written, the number of patients in the world had crossed 100,000 with at least 3,400 deaths.

At stake is not the disease and concomitant deaths, but the anxiety and stress occupying the minds of billions of human beings who see COVID-19 hanging like the Sword of Damocles over their heads.

What added to worries was the warning from a senior World Health Organization official that it was a “false hope” to think that the disease would disappear in summertime.

Even if it was to vanish in the summer, the iron is that the southern hemisphere would be starting their cold period of the year and a virus migration would restart its destructive campaign there before returning to the northern hemisphere in the next cycle.

That is a grave human crisis that may be viewed from various aspects.

However, I am looking at it from a different point of view, which may draw positive or negative reactions.

The important thing is to make everyone reflect on this calamity which is likely to end in a better world for human life.

The fact is that behind the apparently calm, humble, silent and indifferent nature lies a strange smartness, watchful eyes and very precise scanners.

Human beings have long plunged into anthropomorphism and megalomania in dealing with the phenomenon of being. Such revolt is global, uniting believers, antagonists and atheists.

This totally wrong belief that humans are the only objective of Being and Universe has grown into a general conviction, solidified by myriads interpretations on one side and a plethora of self-styled philosophical and logical justifications on the other. Relying on such belief, they feel free to do whatever they would like and meddle with everything. In other words, there are no restrictions to our movements in this Universe. Animals have become just tools at the disposal of our revelry and recreation, little knowing that they are entitled to as much existence as humans.

Whatever has been said so far is born out of the minds of such beneficiaries.

The justice hidden in the being has determines a status and station for every creature. Human beings’ aggressive and murderous nature has, alas, persisted and overshadowed the realities.

Humans have been such cruel to the nature, from soil to sea, water, mountain, river and even air that from time to time nature is forced to react to the barbaric behavior of apparently civilized human beings in the form of floods, storms and temperature inversion.

Human cruelty is not limited to animals and plants in the nature. It does not even spare its own descendants.

The Universe is smartly watching the widespread inequality, injustice, poverty and modern ignorance prevailing in the world. Hideous and imperious conducts are justified with theories and quasi-theories while the media lullaby humans into ignorance with their well thought-out plans and entertainments to prevent them from understanding the tragedies happening in their surroundings.

The Capitalist world, with its misleading decoration, is selling people the imagination of happiness at an exorbitant price, the pseudo-religious dangle the promise of happiness in the afterworld while fundamentalists, determined to build the paradise in this world, fan the flames of hell. Daesh is a case in point.

How is it possible to see this level of war and crime in the world without feeling its impact on the life of others? The most important lesson every human being learns from the coronavirus is that the fate of each and every human being is interlinked.

We are not living in parallel worlds; rather our worlds are intertwined. If there is injustice in one spot, the impacts will be felt everywhere else. We cannot build an iron wall around ourselves and separate our fate from others.

We may say that the coronavirus is just a natural reaction to human’s deeds. Nonetheless, nobody is spared; there is no distinction between sinners and non-sinners, the good and the bad, the ignorant and the offenders.

The Being is sending a message to self-declared civilized humans to set themselves free from the delusion of megalomania and superiority complex. This Universe was created more wisely than you thought.

The Earth is nothing when compared to the greatness of the Universe. Our time – ۲۰۲۰ inclusive – may equal a second in the hundreds of billions of years of life of being.

The rules of the Universe are not created instantaneously to be falsified by human beings. As long as you respect the rules of the Universe everything will be in your interest. However, if you stand against the universal order by trickery and deception and hoist the flag of humanism against Being you have to brace for destructive reactions.

The coronavirus is one of such reactions, but it will not be definitely the last one.

Will humanity become mature enough to start a new life in post-COVID era and behave more humbly and more kindly to nature?  

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